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GSearch Pro - Installation Guide

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Here are the instructions for a trouble-free installation of GSearch Pro.


  1. If you had an earlier version, please uninstall it.
  2. If your previous installation was a pre 1.0.+ version, please login at the and "Reissue" your license.
  3. Then download the new version available in your .
  4. Make sure you have the free ioncube loaders on your site. Our commercial components are made with ioncube and you need to have the loaders to run them. MOST web hosts have it installed by default and you need to go through this step only of your server does not have ioncube. Installation instructions for that are here. Run time loading is very simple. Other reputed Joomla! extension developers like iJoomla also use ioncube for their popular products.

  1. Go to Top Menu > Installers > Components and install like any other component. Bingo! With that one click, you install the component and the module! In addition, the module is automatically published in the 'left' module position.
  1. Browse to GSearch Pro Configuration: Administration Top Menu >> Components >> GSearch Pro >> Configuration.
  2. [If you cannot see this page, it is likely that your server does not have ioncube. Please refer to A-4 above]
  3. Insert the License Code (an alphanumerical string like GSearchPro-Full-534e4a7da09e, available in your ) and save the component config. If after saving, you get a "license invalid" error, just click on the "Save" button again. If you still encounter any problems, please write to us through the Contact form above.
  4. Configure the "Google AdSense Publisher ID", "Channel" and "Width of Results page" in the component configuration.
  5. Configure the search box itself (colors, width, web search only or with site search, specifying the domains). Specific details are posted there in the component configuration itself.
  6. Configure the language options. All language options available in Google AdSense backend are also available in the component.
  7. Select whether you want to show a backlink to Joomlaspan at the bottom of the results page. It is not necessary, but we appreciate it.
  1. Browse to GSearch Pro module Administration Top Menu >> Modules >> Site Modules >> GSearch Pro. Click on it and then you are presented with the module backend with instructions and documentation too.
  2. As most of the configuration is in the component configuration above, there is nothing much to do here, except specifying a module suffix for CSS styling, which is optional.

That's it. It looks long, but when you start doing it, it's really a breeze.

If you want us to do all this for you, please purchase the 'GSearch Pro Installation' support package from the client area and we will do it for you. However, we will need temporary super admin access to your Joomla installation and hosting cPanel/ FTP. Please send it to us using the contact form above. Details are also available in the 'troubleshooting' page of this article.


After the Installation: Create a Sitemap and submit to Google!

You may want to use GSearch Pro as a replacement for the Joomla! core search. This has certain distinct advantages:

  • All pages are included, even pages that are not  part of Joomla! itself on your page.
  • No search-plugins necessary for third-party components. Some components (like FireBoard, Remository) need plugins for their pages to be included in the Joomla core search results. But GSearch Pro (through Google Search) has the distinct advantage of not needing any of those plugins.
  • The AdSense advantage.
However, please be aware that a newly added content may take some time to be part of the results, unlike Joomla! core search which will show them instantaneously. How do we overcome this problem?

The answer is to use Google Sitemaps. You can generate a sitemap of your site and submit it at . here is a brief description of how you can do it fast.

  • Create a sitemap of your site. We use XML-sitemaps, which includes ALL pages of your site (unlike many other free sitemap generators that limit to a few hundred pages). XML-sitemaps is a standalone script that you can install on your server and generate sitemaps, which are compatible not only with Google, but also with Yahoo! and other search engines. Most importantly, you can set it to autogenerate sitemaps, using cron jobs.
  • Register at Google Webmaster Tools. If you already have a Google Account, just log in.
  • Add your site (Figure) and then add the sitemap
  • Verify your site (using either a Google provided meta tag of a blank HTML file in your site - we recommend the HTML file, so that you continue to be considered 'verified' even after you change your template)
  • The click on Tools > Set Crawl Rate > Faster
This will enable faster updates to the Google indexed pages of your site and content will be available faster after adding.


Having sitemaps that are crawled by major search engines is a way to ensure that your pages are indexed and available in search results.  


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