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Joomla, OpenID and User Registration

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OpenID is the "in-thing" now-a-days. Joomla! has also hopped on to the bandwagon of OpenID and there are now no holds barred. From Joomla! 1.5.5, OpenID 2 is also being supported.

What is OpenID?

OpenID is a free and easy way to use a single digital identity across the Internet. With one OpenID you can login to all your favorite websites and forget about online paperwork!

OpenID and Joomla!

The idea of one single login for all your web related services has been the dream of online authentication for many years. There have been other attempts at common authentication systems earlier (Microsoft .NET, Passport, Live etc.) but OpenID is claimed to be the mother of all such authentication systems. There are good reasons for it.

Advantages of Open ID are:

  • Non-proprietary
  • Decentralized
  • You can choose/change your OpenID provider
  • You can host your OpenID on your own domain too!
  • Single login for many many sites

How many sites are you registered at? I can't even count how many I have. I generally tend to use the same username password combination in most sites, but it is insecure and not always possible.Wouldn’t it be nice if we could log in to all our online service providers with one single login? Of course! That's why the buzz around OpenID.

So, is it all roses and no thorns?

No way. OpenID certainly has a long way to go.

  • It is not user-friendly. At least I think so.Consider this - you want to log in to a site. You type in your OpenID (which will be something like, you will then be redirected to your OpenID provider, you log in on that site, and you are then redirected back to the website you were trying to log in to in the first place. Not really my idea of being user-friendly.
  • Too many services offering OpenID ad they are not cross compatible! Talk of OpenID!! Doesn't that defeat the very purpose and idea behind OpenID?
  • Providers may discontinue their services leaving their registrants stranded.
  • Difficult for non-technical people. Imagine, there are so many providers, and as per their current practice, if they get many OpenIDs, it significantly adds to the confusion. Which OpenID should I use on this site?
  • + many more similar complaints...

Does it mean YES or NO for OpenID?

Yes, certainly. It's a great idea, but the implementation is complicated at present. If you login the usual way, it is "login" and done. However, the OpenID way is "login - openID - login again - return to site" which is quite cumbersome. But for those who like the idea of a single login for all sites, this is a small issue.

I am interested. What should I do now?

Get a OpenID.

Get one? You might already HAVE one! Yes, if you have a Blogger, Yahoo,, Flickr, Technorati or other account, you may use that as your OpenID.

For more information, start here at

What about you? Do you like OpenID? Leave a comment here and we can progress further about its implementation in Joomla!

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July 14, 2008

Thank you! This is good information and I appreciate it.
I am excited by the idea of OpenID and would ignore the disadvantages at this time...

July 14, 2008

OpenID. Surprising that I never heard of it before... but it looks like it's been there for quite sometime. Was I living under the rock all these years?!

Anyway, thansk for this info. And, what a nice site you have here with a very practical Joomla template. Congratulations!

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October 19, 2008

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November 11, 2008

Personally I like the idea of OpenID to the point I have purchased a hardware keychain to disallow anyone hacking into my account without knowing the random number that shows up every 30 seconds. Buy you a Paypal/Verisign security device then sign up for OpenID thru Verisign Labs OpenID system asks you for this code wverytime you try and login. Push the button type in the code from the keychain and your in! I think a universal hardware key is going to be required sooner then later on the internet for any kind of REAL security.
November 11, 2008

Now if I could only find a good auto-typo fixer LOL
February 14, 2009

Is it true that yahoo and technorati use OpenID as user registration?
I Just found it here, thank you!
I will try it, when I post a comment on my friend webblog.

Peter Houppermans
May 18, 2009

We're worked with AXSionics AG in Switzerland who have developed a really cool device (well, we think so) called the Internet Passport. It's a biometric token which reads an animated image from the screen which contains a encrypted logon instruction. Because it's optical it doesn't need any installation, biometrics stay in the token so no big brother worries (or passwords to remember) and what's best, another Swiss company ClavID provides an OpenID logon using it.

As we plan to use Joomla 1.5 I am considering testing OpenID using this. If it works comfortably I think we'll switch to that for logon - if nothing else it has great demo value :-).

January 16, 2010

Where i can download com_openid for joomla 1.0.15?

Very thanks!!!
January 28, 2010

Thank you! This is good information and I appreciate it.

January 28, 2010

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