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GSearch Pro - Troubleshooting Guide

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Generally using GSearch Pro is trouble-free. However, based on specific circumstances in which it is used, there may be some minor adjustments required.

  • Ads are not shown along with the search results

If no ads are shown at all along with search results with GSearch Pro, trying using some keywords like 'Hotels' or 'Las Vegas Hotels' etc. They are very likely to show. In that case, the keyword that you tested with earlier was not a keyword for which there are ads at all.

If ads are not seen with the above keywords too, then please change the Google AdSense Publisher ID add a prefix "ca-" to it. So, if your publisher ID entered was pub-1234567887654321, please change it to ca-pub-1234567887654321.


GSearch Pro - Installation Guide

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Here are the instructions for a trouble-free installation of GSearch Pro.


  1. If you had an earlier version, please uninstall it.
  2. If your previous installation was a pre 1.0.+ version, please login at the and "Reissue" your license.
  3. Then download the new version available in your .
  4. Make sure you have the free ioncube loaders on your site. Our commercial components are made with ioncube and you need to have the loaders to run them. MOST web hosts have it installed by default and you need to go through this step only of your server does not have ioncube. Installation instructions for that are here. Run time loading is very simple. Other reputed Joomla! extension developers like iJoomla also use ioncube for their popular products.

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It's possible now. Just install this extension for Joomla! with a single click installation, insert your Google AdSense ID and you are done. Almost every option available at the Google AdSense backend and more is available with .


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