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Ultimate Paypal Donation Module for Joomla!

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Ultimate Paypal Donation ModuleThe Ultimate Paypal Donation Modules for Joomla! 1.0 AND 1.5 make your life easy when you want to put a Paypal Donations button on your site. Just install, and insert your own paypal email ID and you are done.

But for those who want more, there are many configurations too. You can add text either before or after the button,  change the alignment of the module (using either local div CSS codes or moduleclass suffix for advanced users)select the currency, the default country, select various available official images for the button or your own image and much more...

Expect the same ease of use that you have always seen from Joomlaspan extensions. have fun using this module. And, if you like, you can also donate to us to keep the development on.


JTrans Pro - Joomla Translation Component

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Give your site users to access your website content in up to THIRTEEN additional languages, automatically! This module utilizes online translation servers (Google and Yahoo Babelfish) to deliver you these THIRTEEN translations in seconds. The best part is, you do not even need to know these languages yourself!

These SEF URLs are indexable by search engines. This means increased traffic from even those countries that do not speak the original language of your site! And increased revenue if you have revenue generation streams on your site, like Google AdSense!

We have a 30-day 100% moneyback guarantee. No need for trial version. Try the "real" version! 


JTrans Pro - Installation Guide

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Here are the instructions for a trouble-free installation of .


  1. If you had an earlier version, uninstall it.
  2. If your previous installation was a pre 1.0.+ version, please open a support ticket for us to reissue it.
  3. Then download the new version available in your .
  4. Make sure you have the free ioncube loaders on your site. Our commercial components are compiled with ioncube and you need to have the loaders to run them. MOST web hosts have it installed by default and you need to go through this step only of your server does not have ioncube. Installation instructions for that are here. Run time loading is very simple. Other reputed Joomla! extension developers like iJoomla also use ioncube for their popular products.

JTrans Pro - Troubleshooting Guide

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There are variations in the way servers are configured. As JTrans Pro uses CURL module of PHP to rewrite translated page URLs, CURL should be installed on your server. It is by default installed in more than 99% of all servers.

Important: If you are using JTrans Pro with Joomla! 1.0.13, please make sure you have installed the hotfix for that version of Joomla! as posted here at the official Joomla forum. You need to login there before you can see the attachment in RobS's post.

To reduce the incidence of translation related errors, please increase the cache time in the component configuration. We recommend 86400 seconds (24 hours) to avoid frequent requests to translation engines. You can set it even higher to further reduce the load on translation engines.


Google AdSense Modules for JoomlaGoogle AdSense is the Premier provider of contextual advertisements enabling all webmasters to generate revenue from their sites. If you haven't already done so, signup for AdSense.

Google AdSense Clicksafe Module from Joomlaspan has been the most popular option to implement These contextual advertisements within Joomla! It is used on thousands of Joomla! based websites and is also the Editor's Pick at the official Joomla! Extensions Directory!

Now also for Joomla! 1.5!


GSearch Pro - Troubleshooting Guide

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Generally using GSearch Pro is trouble-free. However, based on specific circumstances in which it is used, there may be some minor adjustments required.

  • Ads are not shown along with the search results

If no ads are shown at all along with search results with GSearch Pro, trying using some keywords like 'Hotels' or 'Las Vegas Hotels' etc. They are very likely to show. In that case, the keyword that you tested with earlier was not a keyword for which there are ads at all.

If ads are not seen with the above keywords too, then please change the Google AdSense Publisher ID add a prefix "ca-" to it. So, if your publisher ID entered was pub-1234567887654321, please change it to ca-pub-1234567887654321.


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