SobiPro Search Plugin+ (Plus)

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SobiPro Search Plugin+ (Plus)SobiProSearch+ (Plus) extends the core Joomla search function to SobiPro items and categories. SobiProSearch+ (Plus) has extended and enterprise-oriented features: * Multi-Section, to support more than one catalog in only one search * Full Text Search. to take advantage of MySQL Full-Text search indexes (avoiding the computer intensive LIKE) To give you a brief description about how it works SobiProSearch+ (Plus): 1. SobiProSearch+ searches with a high performance SQL query. It joins all dynamic search fields from custom defined catalogs. 2. From a technical point fo view, it executes a query similar to: (SELECT ... FROM .. FIELDS) UNION (SELECT ... FROM .. FIELDS).. etc 3. As the query must be efficient, we must be carefull with the amount of text matching. We have added options to retrict how many fields are matched. 4. Addtitionally, the basic LIKE syntax may be not enough with big catalogs. So we've implemented MySQL Full-Text indexes.

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