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SW TubularThis Joomla! 1.7 plugin allows you to run YouTube video as a background of your web site. It has few parameters that allow you to control on which pages to display the video. Setup: Install the plugin, go to Extensions->Plugins, open it, enable it and enter the following minimum data: - YouTube Video ID: This is for example here, the bold part of - Enter the ID of the top container of your Joomla template (varies based on the template). Just view the source of your web site, and see the first div id (i.e. ) - On the display settings you may choose where to show the background video. - All pages – it will show on all pages, irrespectively of any other settings; - Exclude pages – it will show on all pages, except the one listed. The setting will not be executed, if it was selected to display the background on all pages. - Include pages – the previous two options should be turned off to use this one. List the Itemid of the pages, where you want to display the background. - Example list of include/exclude pages: 101,102,120 Limitations: There is no sound and player controls.

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