Kunena Discuss plugin for Zoo

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This free plugin is based on the Kunena Discuss plugin. _The Kunena Discuss plug-in enables you to add comments functionality to your website. Users can comment on any section, category, or article just like any commenting system, but user comments and discussions are stored in your Kunena forum (though displayed on your articles). Now you can have all of your user discussion in one place._ [^1] Unfortunately the original plugin only works for Joomla articles but not for Yootheme's Zoo CCK. So I basically copied and changed the plugin for Zoo items. I hope the result is useful for other Zoo fanatics. And of course you can see a demo right on this page. --------------------------- Installations Instructions: --------------------------- There are basically three installation steps. 1. The [Kuena Discuss plugin]( Configuration is relatively easy, but for more information please follow [this link]( "discussbot instructions") 2. Override the existing [textarea element]( - Just extract the _textarea_ folder into the elements folder of the application where you want to use the yoonique_zoo_kdiscuss plugin. The folder is usually something like `media/zoo/applications/YOURAPP/elements`. For example: `media/zoo/applications/blog/elements` if you want to use the Kunena Discuss for Zoo plugin in the blog app. - Enable `Load Plugins`. See also the [Yootheme Zoo documention]( 3. The [Zoo shortcut plugin]( This plugin is optional and only needed if you want to show the teaser or full text in your Kunena topic. You can find it in the download section. No configuration needed. And don't forget to enable all plugins. If you use the shortcut plugin, then you should also turn on Joomla Content Plugin Support in `Kunena Control Panel-> Configuration -> Frontend` [^1]: [Kunena Discuss JED]( This description was written using Markdown syntax. You can see the html output on our site:

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