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Basically the Shortcut plugin is used to simply insert content from ZOO items within other content. The syntax is: `{zooelement: ID OR alias textarea: first OR all OR all_without_first}` For example `{zooelement: this-a-test-alias textarea: first}` would insert the teaser of your Zoo article with alias `this-a-test` and a link to the full version in other content. You could also use instead `{zooelement: some-id-number textarea: all}`. Which would insert the whole content of the Zoo article with id some-id-number. Please note that only content of `textarea` elements is shown. That means elements like social bookmarks or gallery etc are skipped. You can see an [example here]( The text there is inserted automatically from the blog section with: `{zooelement: this-is-a-test-alias textarea: all}`

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