Vp Automated Coupons

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Vp Automated CouponsVpAutomatedCoupons is the joomla® component automatic system to manage VirtueMart coupons. VpAutomated is the full solution to complete manage VirtueMart coupons. VirtueMart is a powerful tool for e-Commerce in Joomla. You can develop you online shop with some simple click and the Joomla CMS. VirtueMart allows specific discount vouchers (coupons) to be assigned to users-customers. VpAutomatedCoupons extends the VirtueMart coupon management adding the following useful features: * coupons creation (value, absolute or proportional (%), day of validity) * coupons automated assignment task (publication, task range of validity) * coupons user specification (single user, type of joomla user, customer list) * user list management * customizable and configurable reminders (coupon based, customizable templates, multiple reminders, on creation and on expiry reminders) * Statistics (coupons assigned, used, expired) * automation script launched by module or by chrono-job (if provided by server maintainer)

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