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Link Price Calculator

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Link Price Calculator

This tool will help you calculate the approximate amount you should be paying or charging per month for a link of a specified website. Do you run a webdirectory? How much should you charge? Are you planning to buy links from another website? How much should you pay per month? Just use this tool and you will get an idea.

How to use this tool

  • Enter the exact website URL you want the tool to calculate.
  • Click "Check!" button.
  • The results will be displayed below, it will include the number of Total Links Found, Internal Links,
  • External Links, Google PageRank, Yahoo! Backlinks and Estimated Monthly Link Price.
  • The tool calculates the estimated link price for a monthly period using a number of factors including those mentioned above. Please note the figure is an estimation and should not be considered precise.

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July 28, 2008

Thank you! You saved me $$ dollars!

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