Ultimate Paypal Donation Module for Joomla!

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Ultimate Paypal Donation ModuleThe Ultimate Paypal Donation Modules for Joomla! 1.0 AND 1.5 make your life easy when you want to put a Paypal Donations button on your site. Just install, and insert your own paypal email ID and you are done.

But for those who want more, there are many configurations too. You can add text either before or after the button,  change the alignment of the module (using either local div CSS codes or moduleclass suffix for advanced users)select the currency, the default country, select various available official images for the button or your own image and much more...

Expect the same ease of use that you have always seen from Joomlaspan extensions. have fun using this module. And, if you like, you can also donate to us to keep the development on.


Chitika eMinimalls Extension

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Chitika is a premium pay-per-click (PPC) service. Their flagship product eMiniMalls is also called "Interactive Merchandise Kiosks", because of their versatility in showcasing the advertiser's products. It brings product promotion to life on the web. Provide your users with relevant content and comparative shopping information without even leaving your site!

While their main focus is on blogs, Joomla is no exception. Now, the latest version of the Chitika eMiniMalls module for Joomla brings in simplicity into the field. It provides ALL features available on Chitika and more! You just have to use it to believe it.

What's more, this product is endorsed by Chitika! This has been featured on their "Developer's Blog".


  1. All features available on Chitika eMiniMalls are included
  2. Some features that are not available with the default Chitika code generator are also included
  3. 100% compatible with Chitika Policies
  4. Very easy to use

AdBrite Module for Joomla

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AdBrite, "The Internet's Ad Marketplace", powers the world's most trusted and transparent marketplace to buy and sell online advertising.

This new module from Joomlaspan brings you Adbrite right into Joomla! Now you can use AdBrite with Joomla! without any pains and will "all" controls possible. Joomlaspan, the developers of most of the Google AdSense modules are proud to bring this module for Joomla!


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