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Zaragoza Tabs Menu is a three-level CSS, tabs and unobtrusive menu specially designed for high-traffic sites. Main features: * Only CSS (do not use javascript): valid CSS 2.1 * Clean code: valid XHTML 1.0 * CSS clean and easy configuration * Tab menu * 3-level menu * Excelent performance * SEF compatible * Joomfish compatible Change log: Version 3.0.0: * Third level implemented. * New CSS * New itemid class sufix Version 2.0.0: * New div structure * Fixed bugs with margins * New CSS * New parameter to include your own CSS styles (just paste your styles in the textarea) How to: This menu system is too easy to install and configure: 1. Install de module 2. Select the menu in the module params. 3. Append your own CSS styles if you want. 4. Publish the module. Note that the main div appens to the newsmenu class the item class with the itemid variable, so you can configure the margins to the second and third level (for example: .item-14 .nivel2 .menu_news { margin-right: 50px; }

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