Vodes Benny

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This extension allows you 'rent' out content based on 'credit points' or date range managed from the backend. Its a modification of a component called VODES (on the JED by Emir Sakic). Main difference is the date range addition and its now even easier to use with little or no need to edit any php pages. To use the component simply create a category titled "Paid&20" (where 20 is the credit amount if you wish to charge credits for it) in the area you want to restrict with credits or time. The component will handle the rest. This mod retains the original features apart from the plugin area where you do not need to select categories or sections - just create a "paid" category, and Vodes MOD handles the rest. For settings please click on the Configuration button in the toolbar. If you need help, the support is available from Benjamin Yakubu. - The Janitor (Use contact form)

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