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Modified from the original mod_virtuemart_allinone.php module by the Virtuemart Team, this new module is made for 2 reasons in mind : Positioning Flexibility and Space Saving. The original Allinone module only displays in vertical position which i can't use for horizontal position. Too long if to display 3 products and above. Further more the Topten only display text, no image. Now the Multiple Display module is capable of displaying horizontal, vertical and multi-rows position. User can set the parameters in the module admin panel. User can choose to have all or any the display panels shown (in tab form) within a single module (which is space saving), namely "Random products", "Latest Products", "Most Popular products" and "Featured Products". There are many settings now as compared to the original. User can have custom text to display on the tab of each display panels. Example you can rename the default "Featured Products" to "Special Promotions" or anything you like. Number of items to display can also be set through the module admin panel. Installation : Login to your joomla admin panel as usual. Go to Extensions -> install/uninstall -> browse the downloaded mod_multidisplay module and install. Go to Extensions -> Module Manager and publish the mod_multidisplay module. Click on the mod_multidisplay module to enter into the module admin settings. That's all. Settings are properly labeled there. Vote for me if you like it. Thanks.

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