Virtuemart Breezing Form

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Virtuemart Breezing FormThis plugin provides the ability to trigger assigned forms during VirtueMart checkout, based on product ids purchased. The "Breezing Forms Trinity" extension is owned and published by Crosstec Solutions. You must install and configure Breezing Forms (in addition to VirtueMart) in order for this plugin to work! Current v1.0 Features: •Allows triggering of up to 3 specific Breezing Forms based on user purchases •Allows forms to be triggered during main checkout process or only upon confirmation page •Supports multiple VirtueMart product IDs for each Breezing Form Development Path (non-commercial) •Currently the plugin only supports individual Product IDs, not Product Categories. Categories are planned for an upcoming release. Development Path (advanced commercial version, for early 2010) •Integration with our soon-to-be-released VirtueMart Purchasing Rules component for advanced purchasing conditions and logic (for example, if a user buys product ID #5 AND #6, or if a user buys a minimum of (2) of product ID #45, then they are automatically added to JUGA group ID #8).

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