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URL Shortener for JoomlaThis extension let your Joomla site have URL shortening feature with Twitter integration (tweet only). This extension helps your marketing strategy. Other extensions tend to focus on tweeting the article, but this one has a different concept. You can tweet whatever you want. Example tweet without this extension: Finally JED approved my extension, Yay! Example tweet with this extension: Finally JED approved my extension, Yay! As you may be noticed, this extension is not for you if you prefer putting the information in your tweet as much as you can. Features: - URL shortening - Alternative domain for shortened URL - Enabled to choose whether to provide URL shortening feature exclusively or not - Enabled to tweet about a shortened URL from the result page powered by Like it? Tweet it! (see the screenshot) - API support (Shortened URL is provided as JSON (e.g. your application can use this extension to generate a shortened URL) - Enabled to tweet directly from the result page - Tweet page with URL shortener box Requirements: - Joomla 1.5.X with jQuery extension (jQuery is required if you use Like it? Tweet it! feature) - PHP 5.2.X or later - Web Server using Apache with mod_rewrite - Ability to edit .htaccess file - Your Joomla site is not using the sub directory "u" (e.g

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