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Target CouponCorFun's new Target Coupon component has enhanced the Virtuemart Coupon functionality to make it usable for the real world. The Target Coupon component adds the following fields to the Virtuemart Coupon process: * Product ID - If entered, a Product ID makes a coupon only valid for that specific product. It will not apply to any other product in the shopping cart. So, want to offer $50.00 off a $200.00 product, but make sure that $50.00 does not go for a bunch of T-Shirts? Then specify the Product ID of the expensive product in the coupon set up and the $50.00 will only be applied against one or more items of just that product! * Minimum Order Amount for Discount - Amount required to receive the coupon discount. When a coupon applies to a specific Product only, then the total amount of that Product in the shopping cart must be equal or greater than this amount for the coupon to be valid. If the coupon is not for a specific Product, then the total amount in the shopping cart must be equal to or greater than this amount for the coupon to be valid. * Maximum discount amount - This field is optionally used to provide an upper limit on percentage discounts. For example, you offer a 20% discount, but with a maximum of $20.00 off. If someone buys a $300.00 item, the discount on that item would normally $60.00 in base Virtuemart. But this field added by Target Coupon allows you to cap the discount value at $20.00. * Number to Free Ship - This field is optionally used with coupons that apply to specific products. If specified, the weight of this number of products is removed from the total weight of the shopping cart when calculating shipping charges. This option lets you not only give one or more free products, but to offer free shipping on those free products! The CorFun Target Coupon Extension works with Virtuemart 1.1.5. If you are using an earlier version you must upgrade to version 1.1.5 prior to installing this component.

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