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Sypex DumperSypex Dumper [saipeks d۸mper] is a software product (PHP-script), which can help you create a backup copy (dump, export) of a MySQL database, and also restore the database from the backup file if needed. Sypex Dumper, unlike many similar programs (scripts), is optimized for maximum performance, as well as for working with large databases of hundreds or thousands of megabytes. Sypex Dumper 2 became faster and more functional, with new functions added for working with databases and table maintenance. In addition, the ability to run from the command line (console) and on schedule (cron) is implemented. Sypex Dumper has been created by the specialists of a Ukrainian company BINOVATOR. Sypex Dumper is licensed under the BSD license, i.e. it is absolutely free.

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