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SuperRateSuperRate for JomSocial NEW!! SuperRate v1.3 What's new: Plugin: * 2 new style - dark and red * Fixed minor CSS issues, where the template would override the plugin style * The full code was rewritten to make it more extensible and robust. * Can specify the number of votes registered/non-registered users have by IP or ID. * Can choose whether users can rate their own content. Module: * Now can display the Top Voters * Redisgned layout with more control over presentation. As a matter of fact it is very easy to integrate it with your favourite star or image. Just send me the file and I will do that for you!! SuperRate v1.1 Well, I know many of you have wished to be able to rate JomSocial pictures and now you can do that. As a matter of fact you can rate groups, videos, users and events in addition to photos. And the best part is that you don't have to change even one line of code manually. The plugin does everything for you with just a few clicks. The plugin comes with a module to display the rated content. There are many options to choose from what information to display or not. You can also choose a time period such as a week or a month to pick the votes from. In this way you don't get stuck with having the oldest items staying on top. It's all about making it interesting. You can change the logic to top-rated or top-random which display a x (whatever you tell it) random items from the Top 50 (or whatever you choose). I've included some nice JQuery fadeins/outs to make the transitions between images smooth and nice. You can allow only registered users or unique IPs to be able to vote. Here are several shots. The price for both is 10 GBP. Future versions/updates are included as well as support. If you are interested send me a PM. You can use it with 1.6 or 1.8 and it's available now. It's integrated with the activity stream and user points!! Plugin - Rate photos, videos, profiles groups & events. - Automatic patching for JomSocial Files with restore optin - Integrated with JomSocial Activity Stream - 2 modes of operation - Integrated with JomSocial User Points - Several different styles - 5 or 10 stars, light or dark template Module - Display top-rated or top-random items - photos, videos, profiles, groups & events. - Choose between two styles - vertical and horizontal - Choose to include the title, description, rating as stars, rating as text or not. - Choose a period - weekly top rated, monthly, etc. - Choose thumbnail size.

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