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SecureLive AnalyticsIntroducing SecureANALYTICS - The First FREE Patent Pending Security Analytics System For Joomla! SECUREANALYTICS Includes the advanced alerting features of SECURELIVE FOR JOOMLA without the blocking and the agency reporting. SECUREANALYTICS allows you to see the activity of hackers and bots buzzing around your site. If you are suspicious about your website activity then SECUREANALYTICS is your perfect analyzer. This is a limited Alerting Non-Commercial version of our SecureLive for Joomla Module If you are already using the commercial version of our SecureLive for Joomla on your website, you are already familiar with its powerful BLOCKING, ALERTING and REPORTING capabilities and features. Now you can have a limited version of the same ALERTING features found in SecureLive for Joomla to use on your website in a non commercial version. SECUREANALYTICS - installs as any module. It uses our patent pending CST (Continuous Scan Technology) engine to alert you when an attack has been committed. This is an ALERTING only module. All the BLOCKING has been disabled, which is only available in our commercial version. All the AGENCY REPORTING has been disabled, which is only available in our commercial version. SECUREANALYTICS - will ALERT you in Real Time when there has been any security violation attempts on your website. The system will record limited attacker information and forward it to you immediately. More extensive attacker signature information is available in the commercial version. This system is excellent for monitoring the hacker activity and hostile bot activity on your Joomla site. It will reveal activity that you normally will not be able to see or record. Although SECUREANALYTICS is not a security system, it is extremely useful in determining the level of hostile activity towards your website. It is almost like having an infrared lens... you will see hostile activity that is normally hidden from view. SECUREANALYTICS - will capture and ALERT you in Real Time with the following attacker information: Time of attack, IP address, URL used in the attack, The referring website, Total number of attacks committed, and Attack type. The information is sent to you immediately via SMS text message to your mobile device and by Email notification. You can never be 100% sure that you will not be hacked in the future even if you presently have no visible hostile activity. With SECUREANALYTICS installed, at least you can monitor the activity levels and make preparations in time to avoid disaster. There is no reason not to have this non commercial system installed on your Joomla site as an indicator. This is a free download. You must register to receive a download link. Although it is free, we still need domain information in order that we may activate your account and the module within our database.

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