Product Category Specific XHTML for VirtueMart

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Looking for XHTML ul, li, span menu output for VM categories? Looking to be able to specify: Module Class Suffix? Menu ID Suffix? Menu Class Suffix? Store ID Override? Category Start? Level Start? Always Show Sub Items? Force SSL, Force Non-SSL, Ignore? This mod will create a regular Joomla style output and give you the ability to specify a specific category to display ONLY! Here's an example category set for virtuemart: By Product ->Watches ->Shoes ->Big Shoes ->Small Shoes ->Hats By Application ->Firemen ->Police ->Vests ->Hats ->Saftey Maybe you just want to display the sub menu for "By Product" to create a menu like: Watches Shoes ->Big Shoes ->Small Shoes Hats You can do it with this mod easily. Specify the start cat id for "By Product" and a start level of 1. If you wanted just: Big Shoes Small Shoes You can do this by: specifying the start cat id for "By Product" and a start level of 2 or specifying the start cat id for "Shoes" You may chose to display sub categories below specified start cat or not. You may add your suffixes, and within the mod_...php file you can easily change the class & id call names for css if you do not wish to use the joomla defaults: (parent active current). You may even override Joomla Itemid for store. If you are having difficulties with using a Joomla menu as your VM menu then this is your solution! Please report bugs here. Thanks - F

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