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Popunder PluginThe StyleWare Pop-under plugin allows you to display a nice pop-under window when someone opens your web site. Demo is available here. It comes with few options: Show close button – you may decide to show or not the pop-under close button. In case you decide to hide it, be aware that the pop-under can’t be closed except if the user presses the Esc button. Title – the title of the pop-under window. Pop-under content – HTML, text, JS to be displayed in the pop-under. Basically this is the content of your pop-under window. Width and height of the window. There are two options how to limit the display of the window, so it could be made not very annoying for the end users: a) displaying the window to guests only – this is very useful in case you want to make your users to register to your web site. That way, once they login , the pop-under will be hidden. b) show once per sessions. When users enters the first page on your web site, the pop-under will appear, after opening another page, it will no longer show. Both options are separate and you can make up to 4 different combinations on how to display the pop-under window. Note: The plugin may have issues with Internet Explorer 9. It is a bug in the Mootools version that is shipped with Joomla! 1.5.22 and has nothing to do with the plugin itself. Since Joomla 1.5.23 the core Mootools Upgrade Plugin is updated and there are no longer problems with Mootools and Internet Explorer 9.

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