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onPageLoad Email FormOnPage Email Form is a easy to setup module that loads when a user visits the website . The forms asks the email id of the visitor. The website can't be browsed till the visitor enters a valid email address. The email address along with the IP Address of the visitor will be mailed to the email which has been set in the module parameters.The popup opens once per user and the number of days for the popup to pop again can be set in the parameters. It can be used to collect email address of the visitor visiting your website. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~~~~ Key Features of onPageLoad Email Form~~~~~ ------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ Popups Once per user, till the cookie gets deleted in the browser. ★ Option to set the number of days for cookie to expire so that it can popup again. ★ Option to enable or disable jQuery to avoid conflicts. ★ Option to change the color of the Email Button. ★ Add HTML text with images, videos and iframe above and below the email form. ★ Option to set the height and width of the popup. ★ Option to enable/disable TEST MODE . ----------------- SUPPORT 24 X 7 ----------------- If you have any problems with the onPageLoad Email Form module or any questions regarding how to use this module then you can directly post your queries at our Support Ticket System,

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