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Nice WatermarkThe Nice Watermark plugin provides a fast, easy, way to apply a non-destructive text based watermark or copyright notice to any image that you wish to display in a Joomla! 1.5 article. There is no need to edit your images in Photoshop before uploading them. Simply add a tag, {nicewatermark:/images/stories/imagetomark.jpg|watermark text}, to your article and publish it. Then through the magic of open source technology the Nice Watermark plugin will replace the tag with a watermarked version of your image. The Nice Watermark plugin gives you full control over all of the watermarking parameters making it easily customizable to your needs. Download the Nice Watermark plugin today and say good-bye to the painstaking, time consuming, Photoshop watermarking process. Features include: * Native to Joomla! 1.5 * Automatically creates watermarked images * Supports JPG, PNG, & GIF image formats * Individual watermark text or watermark text * Adjustable watermark color * Adjustable watermark transparency/alpha channel * Choose from 16 different font face & style combinations * Adjustable watermark angle * Adjustable watermark horizontal positioning * Adjustable watermark verticle positioning * Assignable cache folder * Assignable cache time for optimal server performance * Assign a CSS class attribute to any generated HTML image tag * Assign a CSS style attribute to any generated HTML image tag * Assign a title attribute to any generated HTML image tag * Assign a alt attribute to any generated HTML image tag Requirements: * Joomla! 1.5 or greater * GD Library (standard in most PHP installations, check with your host if you are unsure)

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