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Nice PayPal DownloadsThe Nice PayPal Downloads extension was created by the good folks who brought you the Nice PayPal Button, Nice Google Checkout, Nice Article Tweets, Nice Watermarks and Nice Constant Contact. We're pleased as punch to add the Nice PayPal Downloads to the fantastic family of extensions we offer the Joomla community. The Nice PayPal Downloads extension is a robust download manager that allows you to distribute files for free or for paid download. What makes Nice PayPal Downloads unique is its overall flexibility and ease of use. Once you have uploaded your file and created and an item record for it, you can place a purchase button in any article or custom module. This extension does away with the outdated method of restricting downloadable files to a pre-designed listing area of your site. This liberates you to turn any article or Joomla page into a point of sale or distribution center for your files. As always, we put a lot of extra love into the crafting of this extension. And we know you're going to love it too. Take a quick look at some of the great features that are available: Features Include * Easily distribute free or pay-for files for download * Place file purchase button in any article or custom module * Integrated with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) * Supports all PayPal currency codes * Supports all PayPal country codes * Straight forward autonomous order processing * Supports custom graphics for purchase buttons and download buttons * Secured download file directory * SEO friendly URLs for download listings * Compatible with download accelerators * Set allowed number of concurrent connections for download accelerators * Set download speed limits in Kbps * Limit file downloads by number of downloads * Limit file downloads by expiration time * Utilizes anitleeching technology * Intuitive administration pages * Robust independent messaging and limits for multiple items or * per individual item listings * Easy file management with the File Manager * Stored transaction records for easy look up and management Per item download counter * Supports Joomla's FTP layer for uploads * Test mode for PayPal's sandbox

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