Multiple Customfields Filter for Virtuemart 2

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Multiple Customfields Filter for Virtuemart 2Filter Virtuemart 2 by customfields includes field plug-in which allows multi-selection and Virtuemart 2 search module for values. The extension allows to search products in Virtuemart 2 according to parameters (fields). * Customfield plug-in allowing to choose several product values from drop-down list * No third-party components! Work directly with Virtuemart 2 via plug-in system * Search module searching by customfields, categories, manufacturers with wide assortment of templates * Search by price considering discounts and display as slider with highlighted active values * AJAX module update, as well as AJAX products list update, in case of changes in filter parameters * Sorting and management of customfield values via user-friendly interface * Calculation of products quantity corresponding to each parameter, depending on already chosen parameters, and imitation of linked lists by hiding zero parameters * Manual link to categories, as well as ability to automatically select fields * No changes to Virtuemart 2 code. Clean installation. * Detailed documentation with loads of screenshots

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