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MightySitesMightySites allows you to run multiply sites on same Joomla! installation and share data between different Joomla! sites. No hacks of core files are required and no Joomla! core files are patched.* Ability to use content, users (with Community Builder and JomSocial support) from other sites. You can have many Joomla! websites using a single Joomla! installation, with same users and JomSocial contents but with different template etc. Features: - Using parked domains as separate websites hosted on same Joomla! installation - Cloning databases for new sites from existing sites - Using database data of default Joomla components for articles, sections, categories, users, CB and JomSocial data, menu, modules, plugins, polls and weblinks from different websites * Only configuration.php file is auto-changed by the component.

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