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K2StoreNow you can turn K2 into a shopping cart. Here is a simple plugin with a component. The plugin adds cart functionality to the K2 Items. You can now use the entire K2 or one of the categories as product catalog with Add to Cart button. The K2Store also comes with an order manager. You can view the details of the orders including paypal billing details in the administrator backend. The extension comes with Paypal integrated. Added some cool ajax.... And the extension is free. you can download from here or at The installation instructions: 1. Install the K2Store plugin 2. Go to plugin manager and enable it. Also set the parameters like paypal email inside the plugin params. 3. Install the K2store component (this will not show in the component menu in the administrator backend as only frontend is used for checkout function). 4. In K2, create an extra field category (for eg. price) 5. Create an extra field titled Price or price under that category 6. Assign this extra field category to those K2 Content categories, where you want the cart functions 7. Now start creating items and in the extra-field tab, enter the price (numeric only) So explore and enjoy..... If you find tis extension useful, consider buying a coffee for me :-)...Click here to do it... Your ideas to add more features, functionalities are welcome. Thank you guys...

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