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K2 Comments Auto NotificationThis "plugin" has been produced to allow the site administrator to be sent an email notification once a comment has been left on the website. This integrates into the K2 parameters popup, giving an additional field to specify the admin email address to where the notification needs to be sent. The included files are modifications of core K2 files, they will be over written by future K2 releases, unless they become features by Joomlaworks. 1) Upload or extract the zip file to you Joomla installation root folder, the specified files will be over written. 2) Login to your site's administration and go to the K2 component. 3) Select parameters from the K2toolbar. 4) Scroll down to the Comments section and enter a valid email address to which you wish to be notified of new comments. 5) Save 6) Test functionality, but posting a comment on your site, this can be removed later within K2. 7) Check the email account specified in step 4. Hope you find this useful.

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