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JooStock NasdaQJooStock Nasdaq is a wanderfull joomla module, based on ajax technology, who made your finance webpage to become more animated, usefull and nice. JooStock Nasdaq allow visitors to see latest Stock Market variations directly on site based on company symbol widthout refreshing the page. Also JooStock Nasdaq offer posibility to show variations chart and a comparing chart with another company listed on stock market. JooStock Nasdaq are very easy to use, all you need to know is company symbol for selected stock market (eq: on US Market Google have GOOG symbol, Microsoft have MSFT and Yahoo have YHOO). If your visitors are stock market players , they will know what to write in company symbol box. The module have 3 selectable option regarding default displayed company, default compare company and default market, all other setting are controled in front by visitors. JooStock Nasdaq are designded using css and can be easly customisable by editing this. Features: v.1.5.0 •Multi Market feature, can select prefered market from a list of 25 international stock markets and all US •List of stock markets: All US Market, CA Toronto, UK London, Amsterdam, AU Australia, ARG Buenos Aires, DE XETRA Germany, DE Berlin, DE Frankfurt, DE Hamburg, DE Hanover, DE Munich, DE Stuttgart, DUS, FR Paris, IOB, IND Jakarta, KLS, OTC BB, MX Mexico, NSE NSI, NZ New Zeland, Pink Sheets, SW Swiss, TW Taiwan •Admin can select default market and Symbols •Chart for selected symbol •Comparative chart

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