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GiftExchangeThis is a beta support release of the Gift Exchange. Demonstrated on our site Please read fully before purchasing. This version is still in development , Once beta testing is done and the gift exchange is officially released as stable the Beta Support edition will officially become the Basic Gift Exchange. Feature Breakdown: Basic (Beta Edition) Admin side: Gift Manager - upload images, set name, desc and price. Gifting - Send gifts to anyone on the site - Mass gifting not enable yet, will be in final stable edition. Bank Manager - See and alter the points of any user Categories - Setup the categories for gifts User Side: Send Gifts to anyone on the site Showcase of gifts received. Gifts sent are added to jomsocial activity stream Email and PM notification Options Jomsocial & AUP integration plugins Jomsocial profile App The GIft Exchange is not dependant on anything other than Joomla, if you don't have a social network extension You can still use the Gift Exchange. The gift exchange, links into other extensions via plugins, currently we have developed 2: 1 for jomsocial which is installed and published by default. 1 for Alpha User Ponits which must be installed if you need it - currently AUP is limited to only syncronizing the AUP points with the Gift exchange bank if both plugins are installed and published Jomsocial will take priority. The admin bank manager syncronizes users based on which plugin is installed again if both are installed jomsocial takes priority. More configurations will be added soon. Additional Features Planned (for Advanced Edition:) Admin Side: Advanced Banking Features Including Gifting History & Bank Ledgers Advanced Gifting Restrictions Gift Addons - such as music and wrapping paper Gift Networking - Share gifts with other webmasters and Networks User Side: Desing a gift package - set backgrounds, fonts and positions Re-Gifting - get an exceptional gift and want to share it with a friend Re-Gift it. Personal Gift Shop - Upload your own gifts and sell them to others in the system Multi Networked gifts - Send a Gift from one social network to another Evolving Gifts - Gifts that expire after a set time such as flowers Gift Collage - a customizable display of all gifts received. Personal Gifting History Bank Ledger - Where have all your points gone. And more.

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