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FW Open HoursYou are a serious person and want your business to be well-arranged and considered? While shopping or visiting some companies, we can see there working hours and days-off at once. Fastw3b offer one of such the solutions. If you work with foreign countries, whom you have time difference with, if you want to notify people about your schedule days-off or if you want to avoid misunderstandings, then FW Open Hours module is your golden key. :) Simple in management, capacity to use different layout designs and front-end positions will make this module unnoticeable, but very useful. Main features: - Time fields Two time fields: start working hours/end working hours. You can type the time, when your office starts working and end working. This data is used for front-end display. - Weekend fields Yes/No option for selecting days-off in your office (Saturdays and Sundays). Select any or both of these days in the back-end and module will notify your visitors during these days-off. - Shift according to server time If your server time doesn't concur with current time in your office, this feature will easily correct that. You can set the difference and module will use it in the calculations. - Office time zone drop-down list FW Open Hours can be used in any part of the world and time zone can be chosen in the module configuration. - Display status Yes/No option for displaying your status Open/Closed on the front-end. - Display current time at the office If you work with foreign countries and you want to save this time difference and avoid misunderstandings, it is a necessary feature. - 2 time formats You can select any of the introduced time formats: xx:xx or xx:xx am/pm - 4 layout designs Four modern and bright designs will suit any web-design and site idea. Simple, social, shop and business designs will supplement your Joomla! website.

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