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FlowPlayer ReloadedEver wanted to have famous FlowPlayer on your Joomla! site? With this plugin you can set up the player in a few minutes! * Embed video directly to your site - everywhere, not only to articles - with a single plugin * Customizable width and height for each instance * Supports multiple skins, 3 skins included * Allows to build custom skin (feature related to FlowPlayer itself) This is the player extension that is being used on I originally created this plugin for my own site. To embed the player, you can use the following syntax: * {flowplayer}path-to-your-file{/flowplayer} * {flowplayer size=720x400}path-to-your-file{/flowplayer} You can use this code EVERYWHERE - in modules, in pure html etc, not only in articles. This is a benefit of System-type plugin. If you create your own flowplayer or purchase it, place the files into /plugins/system/flowplayer_r/players directory, then select necessary item in the lists on the right. (Using this technique you can also update the FlowPlayer, independently of this plugin releases). Important: if you want to update the player or create your own skin, REGISTER on and SETUP YOUR OWN PLAYER - it's easy. Standard edition, available for download without registration, may not work properly with this plugin (support for this, however, may be added in further releases). FlowPlayer Reloaded originated from FlowPlayer - Joomla! plugin by Daniel Gutierrez. However, it has several major differences: * It is a System, not Content-type plugin. For an end user, this means that you can use {flowplayer} tags everywhere, no only in Articles. No more need for module version. * You can specify player size for each instance independently (or use global settings) * My plugin supports skins - multiple versions of Flowplayer * This plugin is oriented to customized versions of FlowPlayer * Flowplayer is updated to 3.2.6

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