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ENY Virtuemart LoginThe "ENY Virtuemart Login" module assists you in offering your clients easy navigation to the most important areas. Offer your clients a client menu that shows the most important areas in a clearly structured way. A client should feel comfortable on your site. This might sound strange, but it is an unwritten law for online trading. Consequently, in order to identify potential weaknesses and flaws, an online shop should be looked at through the eyes of a client. Navigating on your site should be easy. Our "Virtuemart Login" module assists you here. As soon as your client has logged in, a clearly structured menu will appear and guide him to the most important areas for his individual needs. In Virtuemart, this would be "Order overview", "Personal data", "Shipping address" and the "Download Area". Since you're the one to choose the title and text for the slogan, the module can be used for all languages. In addition, you can add 2 individual menu items. In our demo, we have a menu item called "Help / Contact" and another item designed to guide clients to the special bargains in our online shop. As you have come to expect from us, you are the one to select the color settings. It's you who selects the color for title and slogan. It's you who decides whether the small icons shall be displayed or not. And it's also you who decides whether a menu item shall be shown at all. See for yourself. Use " demo / demo " as user name and password and log in to our demo page for a test and see the module in action.

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