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Edocs - Embed Documents!With this plugin you can embed a document directly into any article, allowing the visitor to view it online without the need to download it before. Just upload your document to your server and use the code below! This plugin makes use of a super fast viewer, Google Docs Viewer, and it's free! Available formats (more to come as Google adds them): PDF | DOC (Word, Openoffice) | PPT (Powerpoint) | TIFF (Multipage) How to use it It's very easy to embed a document in any content article. Just use the following code: {edocs}path/folder/document.extension,width,height{/edocs} Example: {edocs}documents/whitepaper.pdf,920,300{/edocs} Remember that by default edocs consider as root the path [ROOT OF YOUR WEBSITE]/images/stories so everything you embed with edocs will have this path before (in this example the final path is [ROOT]/images/stories/documents/whitepaper.pdf). To change the default path or to bypass it, read the documentation on Please, remember to rate and comment the plugin!

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