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Easy Folder Listing Pro v0.1 Copyright: Michael A. Gilkes License: GNU/GPL v2 Minimum Requirements: > Joomla 1.5 > PHP 5.3.0 Description: This is a flexible, simple-to-use plugin that is used to list the contents of any folder in either a table or a list. The folder listing can display the filename, with or without the extension, with or without the date modified and file size, as well as a icon representing the file type. It has the feature of allowing the user to specify whether the filename listed should be linked or not. This plugin has the additional feature that allows for displaying subfolders and viewing the contents of subfolders as well. The user can also click on subfolder name to show or hide its contents The action to show or hide the contents is animated via jQuery. The administrator can also specify the show/hide transition method. For table display, the administrator can specify the text headings for the columns as well. Main features: > List files in any specified folder > Each instance of the plugin on the page can have its own custom parameter set > ALL parameters are customizable per instance > Option to override all styles via style sheet editing > Show icons for file types > List files in either a table or a unordered list > Sorting in Acsending or Descening order, by filename, date modified or file size > Option to show/hide size, date, or date and time of the files > Option to link to the files or not > Option to specify a list of file types that should not be listed > Option to specify a list of file types that will only be listed > Color scheme of the table rows and border can be customized > Specify the maximum subfolder level to explore > Option to show subfolders > Collapse or Reveal all subfolder listings > Specify transtion type, easing and duration of subfolder sections animation > Specify the text to display for an empty folder > Specify the table headings text > Customize the date and time format to be displayed > Specify the list bullet style Installation: This module is designed for Joomla 1.5. To install go to the install/uninstall extensions page of Joomla Administrator and upload the package file. Then go to the Plugin Manager page and activate the plugin. Usage: To use this plugin as content in an article, first enable the plugin and configure the default parameters in the Plugin Manager. To control which types of users have access to this plugin, set the Access Level in the plugin. Secondly, in the article, type '{easyfolderlistingpro}'. It will work based on the default parameters if typed with no custom parameters. To have multiple uploaders on the same page, just add '{easyfolderlistingpro parameter1='value1'|parameter2='value2'|...|parameterN='valueN'}' for each instance you want. Please note that each instance must have something

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