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DM K2 Article List PRODM K2 Article List PRO allows you to list K2 article titles in a Joomla module; you can choose to list titles belonging to a category or containing a particular keyword; in addition, the module can show a link in the bottom part, the articles' creation date, and it can use different layouts according to your needs. SEF is supported with native Joomla API. DM K2 Article List is designed for K2, and totally COMPATIBLE WITH JOOMFISH! With DM K2 Article List PRO you can choose between different layouts, getting the possibility to use the one that lets you get the most from your template's design. You can show articles' titles in a list, have them displayed as paragraphs or totally customize (with CSS) the layout. You can decide to show the articles' date and to format it exactly as you need, setting its font style, its position, its' format and so on. In addition, you can choose to display a bottom link, allowing you to provide a customized "read more link" to your module. With the last release, we added the possibility to add an intro text to the module, giving you more control on the role that the module can have on your website. * Designed for K2! * Full compatibility with JoomFish! * Possibility to customize the module's layout with one click, choosing between a classical layout (made with tags) and the new list layout; * Possibility to link a CSS class to the list layout, allowing you to customize the module's appearance and to adapt it to the chosen Joomla template; * Possibility to customize the appearance of the articles' creation date, letting you choose the graphical style, its position, and its format; * Possibility to show article contents with an elegant popup (requires RokBox plugin); * FREE access to future module updates; * Priority support for problems experienced during module installation or configuration. * Free development of approved requested improvements!

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