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Diapo Image SlideshowDiapo Slideshow is a Image slideshow module.This image Slide show module has some amazing effects and has advanced functionalities. Diapo Image Slideshow module is compatible with Joomla 1.5,1.6,1.7.This image slideshow module is mainly designed for the home page and it adds elegance to the website. DIAPO IMAGE SLIDESHOW FEATURES ★ 24 Inbuilt Amazing Effects ★ Unlimited Image slideshow. ★ Caption for each Image can be set for the slideshow in the module parameter ★ Ability to link images to articles/pages. ★ Feature to open link in same/new window. ★ Height and Width of the SlideShow can be controlled. This Image slideshow module is compatible with all modern browsers LOADER OPTIONS ★ Loader type of the image slider can be changed( Pie/Bar) ★ Opacity of Loader of the image slideshow can be changed. ★ Color of Loader of the image slideshow can be changed. ★ Diameter of the Pie in the slide show can be adjusted in the module paramter OTHER PROPERTIES ★ Navigation of the image slideshow can be Enabled/Disabled ★ Enable/Disbale optins for Stop and Play Buttons in the slide show ★ Pagination can be Enabled/Disabled. ★ Transition Period of the Slide of the image slideshow can be controlled ★ Pause time for each slideshow can be controlled ★ Auto Slide can be enabled/disabled in the image slideshow. ★ Direction of the caption can be changed to left/right in the slideshow ----------------------------- FREE INSTALLATION ON REQUEST ----------------------------- ★ MULTIPLE DOMAIN LICENSE - BUY ONCE USE IT FOR ALL YOUR PROJECTS --------- SUPPORT --------- If you have any problems with Diapo Image slideshow or have any questions regarding our module, you can directly post at our Support Ticket System,

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