DataSAFE - database backups made easy

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DataSAFE - database backups made easyDataSAFE - database backups made easy DataSAFE provides a way to automatically create database backups, and a simple, intuitive way to restore them when needed. With a click of a button you can backup your database, or restore it to a previous point in time, using a simple, elegant interface. Features * Your database is seamlessly optimized when you create backup * Existing sessions are always maintained - so your users stay connected * Full backups of all your data are stored in a folder on your server, and can also be downloaded or emailed via the DataSAFE plugin * Restoring your site to a backup is as simple as point & click * Automatic database backup scheduling * Automatically email yourself a copy of the backup DataSAFE is comprised of a component and a plugin. Both work together to manage backups.

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