Akeeba Release System

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Akeeba Release SystemAkeeba Release System (ARS) is a file repository / download system quite different than its competition. It is primarily focused on software dissemination, but can also be used as a generic download component. Its main differences to its competition are speed, stability, perfect URLs without a SEF component, generation of update streams, ease of use, Chameleon skinning and time saving features implemented along the board. We use it for our own downloads section. In fact, before its first public beta it had already served over a million downloads. In a nutshell: - Performance - ARS is designed to handle massive amounts of data. Tested with hundreds of download items and hundreds of thousands of log records, it groks through this vast amount of data in a heartbeat. Intelligent caching makes it blazing fast. - Chameleon - Tired of having to edit a book worth of CSS classes to make a component fit with the rest of your site? So do we. ARS is using Chameleon skinning. Using your Joomla! template's module chrome it will blend itself perfectly with your site. Setting it up takes zero to five minutes. Honestly! - Control Freak - Do you want to control who can download what? That's easy! ARS integrates with AMBRA Subscriptions, Akeeba Subscriptions and Joomla! 1.6's custom view levels to fine-tune who can view and download anything. - Perfect Logs - ARS will log who downloaded what and when, or even who tried but failed. IP addresses, HTTP referrers and country statistics are all logged and can be used to filter the log display. The Control Panel offers a bird's eye view of how well your downloads are doing. - Attention to detail - Minute details make the big difference. From copied items defaulting to being unpublished and files you've already used being hidden from file selection drop-downs and from automatically naming and describing your files to zero-click file publishing, ARS has got you covered. - Updates galore - ARS can automatically create update streams in multiple formats. INI format which can easily be used from any software. Joomla! 1.6 XML format for extremely easy updates of the Joomla! 1.6 extensions you create. Experience the future in download components. Install and use Akeeba Release System. It's completely free of charge.

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