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AdiInviter Contacts Importer / InviterA recent market study found that more than half of internet users had visited websites referred by friends or family members. AdiInviter is a contacts importer / inviter script. Just like Facebook, Myspace, Orkut or Hi5, AdiInviter system allows your visitors to import all contacts from their address book and send personalized email invitations to all their friends referring / asking them to join your website. By AdiInviter, we have set a new milestone in contact inviter's history. Just take a look at stunning features AdiInviter providing you! We support the widest range of contacts inviter services. NOTE : AdiInviter v0.0.1 FREE supports only Gmail and Yahoo importer services. AdiInviter PAID VERSION supports more than 100 different Webmails, Social Networks, Addressbook CSV importers and manual invite sender facilities. FULL VERSION : AdiInviter v0.0.1 (FREE) Features : 1. CURL support. 2. Supports Gmail and Yahoo services. 3. Auto integration in to any Joomla style. 4. HTML and TEXT emails. 5. Invite friends promotional message displayed to users at first login. 6. Constant updates. 7. Optimized code for avoiding server load. AdiInviter v1.0.0 Final (PAID) Features : 1. Optional cron based (scheduled)/immediate invitation delivery. 2. Fully phrased front end + back end to provide multilingual support. 3. No additional database is required. 4. Limit number of invitations sent per hour (now you won't be risking your hosting even if you have per hour email sending limit!). 5. Checks for already registered members on your web site. 6. Display invite status of imported contacts. 7. Manual contacts inviter facility. 8. Automatic selection and filtering of non-registered contacts from registered members. 9. History of issued invites with color highlights. 10. Ability to reject received invitation. 11. Ability to permanently block future invitations. 12. Automatic prevention of invites from being sent out to already invited contacts. 13. Limit monthly allowed invitations for each user group. 14. Change monthly allowed invitations of any individual user as well as user group, any time from admincp 15. Allowed number of invites can be "Unlimited" to any number for any individual user or user group. 16. Configurable invitation expiry period. 17. Invitation resend facility for expired as well as rejected marked invitations. 18. HTML and TEXT emails. 19. Custom message attachment facility for users while sending invitations. 20. Professional design. Compatible with any joomla style. 21. Constant updates. 22. WGET and CURL support! No need to explicitly install lib curl. 23. Optimized code for avoiding server load. PAID VERSION :

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