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Joomla Website and Server Monitoring Services

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Ever wondered what happens if your website is down frequently and you never knew about it? Think of lost revenues! Now, we have a solution for Joomla! webmasters. Free and professional monitoring of websites and servers, especially Joomla based sites is now a reality.

Unless you are a robot, it is impossible for you to keep checking your website or server to see if it is available round the clock. Now you can just leave this tedious job to our automated service, and enjoy peace of mind! We support ping, HTTP, DNS, SSH, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MySQL, and any arbitrary services running on TCP/IP.

Notification via email and SMS, Global Monitoring Locations, Live Status Reports and Uptime & Performance Reports make this a very comprehensive service.

Anyone can and will be eligible for a 14 day free trial of professional services! After that, if you do not want to continue professional services, you can have a life-long free account anyway!

Even if you just want to use it as anon-member manually, you are still invited - just use the .

JoomlaMonitor keeps an eagle's eye on your site/server for such events! Monitor using for:

  • Continuous Monitoring.
  • Email alerts in case of any adverse event.
  • SMS alerts for assigned events.
  • Complete Peace of mind.


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