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Search engines are the main source of traffic for most websites. The strategy to get traffic and to get actual visitors come to your site from search engines includes generation of effective sitemaps, amongst others.

Generating a manual sitemap is not even an option for medium to large websites. There are many free online sitemap generators, but most of them limit the number of urls parsed to a small number, which is really not useful. What if your website has thousands of pages?

At, we use an Unlimited Sitemap Generator that has really put our site on the search engine maps! See for yourself the number of our pages indexed by !

This tool is not necessarily for Joomla websites and is not integrated with Joomla. But the job it does is unparalleled.

Check out some of the features here:

  • It generates any kind of sitemap you require: XML, Text, HTML site maps.
  • It is developed in PHP languages and works with most web-server's configurations
  • Fast and easy installation onto the same host that should be crawled
  • Flexible configuration that allows you to set any sitemap parameters and crawler settings
  • Support of LARGE websites, dividing the sitemap on the parts per 50,000 URLs each and Sitemap Index file according to the Google sitemap protocol.
  • "robots.txt" exclusion protocol is supported
  • GZip compression supported (optional)
  • User-friendly progress indication for sitemap generation in manual mode
  • Allows to setup the cron job to create sitemaps without a user interaction
  • Informs (ping) Google automatically when sitemap generation is complete
  • Website structure analysis feature represents the tree-like layout of your pages distribution within folders
  • The script collects all generated sitemaps details and provides the log chanages in it, including the number (and the lists) of added and removed pages.
  • The broken links are detected by the application and reported on the special page, providing also the URLs pages that refer to these bad links.

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HTML Sitemaps

Creating an HTML sitemap linked to and from your home page is something savvy webmasters have been doing for years and perhaps is the simplest to create. This sitemap is simply a list of pages contained on your site and enables the search engines spiders to easily find your pages, especially the ones that are linked deep in your website that they may have trouble finding otherwise. 

TEXT Sitemaps

A text sitemap is simply a list of the URLs of your site in the form of a text file. These can then be submitted to search engines such as Yahoo! to notify them that all the pages exist and by doing so invites their spider to visit.

XML Sitemaps

Google launched Google Sitemaps as a way for webmasters to give them information they could use to better crawl their sites. This involves creating an XML Sitemap for which they provided their Google Sitemap Generator. This can be the most complicated to set up using the tools provided by Google as you need to be running Python on your server. It's perhaps the most important one too given the current dominance of the search engine.


Setting up all three types of sitemaps may seem a daunting task but luckily there are websites that take the strain out of this and you can create all three within a matter of minutes. 


XML-SITEMAPS is the answer for most of these. It costs a very reasonable $14.99. They also offer an installation service for an additional $10.00. It can't get better than this.

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