Google AdSense is by far the best pay-per-click program. Highly reputed, well paying and easy to manage. They are also easy to signup, however, they are also the strictest when it comes to malpractice.

With the idea of not putting all eggs in one basket, publishers look for alternatives. Here are some recommended, including infolinks.

Before you lose out on Google AdSense, you may want to check out these products that will help you to maximize your AdSense utilization:

At Joomlaspan, we recommend some Google AdSense alternatives.

Contextual alternatives: Non-contextual alternatives:
  1. Infolinks

  2. Chitika eMiniMalls

  1. Chitika eMiniMalls

  2. AdBrite

  3. AlternateURL

Note that Chitika eMiniMalls is shown under both contextual as well as non-contextual alternatives. Like an amphibian... it is by default non-contextual, but it can be made contextual too.

Infolinks is a very good choice as the PPC is quite good. Use any of these PPC affiliates to make your website earn some revenue.

There are several other services like Clicksor, Allfeeds, BidClix, etc. But the above listed services are recommended by us as they have optimum performance and good returns. Please note that some of the links are partner links.

If you have any of the two reasons to look for a Google AdSense alternative, go ahead and try. All these are free to join. We would love to hear from you about your experiences with these services.

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