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iJoomla Search & Archive 

iJoomla Search & Archive allows publishers to display a highly organized archive page, making it simple for users to find vintage content. Readers can browse your site by looking at all or some of these zones:

  • Sections & Categories
  • Years and month
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 4 weeks
  • By Author
  • Magazines & issues (with iJoomla magazine)
The iJoomla Search & Archive extension brings a new level of search to your site. Compare the regular Joomla search page with the iJoomla search page. Not only do users receive more options on the search page itself, but they also get more in the search results. With iJoomla Search & Archive, you can fully control your search results, from the elements to include (such as date, author, category, etc.) to the color of the background. You can even show a thumbnail of the article, automatically generated from your content item's images, include the article's word count, allow linking to more articles from the same section/category/author, etc. and a whole lot more. It's like Search on steroids.

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