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iJoomla News Portal

iJoomla News Portal turns your existing sections, categories and articles into a live news portal. Within minutes, you can own a news site that's as professional and appealing as CNN.com or FoxNews.com!

Designed specifically for Joomla! CMS, iJoomla News Portal is the ideal solution for any site displaying news content. The portal can work as a home page for site dedicated to news or as a news section within a general site that makes breaking information an easier read.

The News Portal is generated and maintained automatically using your existing sections, categories and content items. New items will display at the top, and flow from one zone to the next, creating a truly dynamic page.

The portal consists of three pages: the News Portal Home Page; the Section Home Page; and the Category Home page. Each of these pages has a separate HTML layout with 11 tags that represent the different zones. You can reposition the zones or make any changes to the page layout you wish with minimal or no HTML knowledge.

You can also edit the settings of each zone and control look, item orientation, image size, fonts, colors, and any other element on the page.

Our dynamically generated section menu module allows your visitors to navigate between news sections and home pages. Each section has its own menu item allowing you to assign different modules to different news sections. If you display a banner related to sports, for example, you can choose to place it only on the sports section home page.
While big companies spend thousands to create online news portals, you will be able to achieve a similar result for just a handful of bucks -- and in minutes! 

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